Lesson 2: Creating

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About Course

In this second lesson, we’ll cover the following topics:

-Creating content
-Auto-importing content
-Bulk uploading content
-Repurposing to maximize reach
-Sourcing new content
-Working with a library

Course Content

Creating content
Schedule My Social assists with the entire content lifecycle, from creating content to measuring the results.

  • Creating content
  • Key features for content creation

Auto-importing content
Schedule My Social's Auto-Importer automatically adds new content to your content library and even writes four captions for you!

Bulk uploading content
Bulk uploads are a great way to quickly add new images, links, or text posts to your content library.

Repurposing to maximize reach
Repurposing or recycling social media content is a great way to increase exposure with no additional work.

Sourcing new content
Creating and curating content can be one of the most time-consuming facets of social media marketing.

Working with a library
We want to briefly touch on the advantages of having a highly indexable content library at your disposal.