About Schedule My Social

Schedule My Social is brought to you by A Cup of Content, who teaches small businesses how to create their own content and who also creates content for small businesses with a budget…all on the ScheduleMy.Social platform.

Schedule My Social is created by small business for small business.

Like you, we’ve been looking for the so-called “perfect” social media scheduling solution.

Unfortunately, it’s not out there. Yet.

A Cup of Content has a vast array of clients that we schedule social media for. It seems like some scheduling platforms had all the bells and whistles at big company prices. The more affordable platforms don’t have analytics. And so on…

ScheduleMy.Social meets the needs of small businesses so they can compete at big business levels.

…but still at small busines prices.

Our team

headshot of Kim Bultsma by Omaha Headshots

Kim Bultsma, Founder

Kim founded A Cup of Content in 2014. She enjoys educating and speaking on topics covering all things content and SEO. 

headshot of Nichole Lyons

Coco Lyons, Content Writer

Coco is our Content Writer. She develops a lot of the content for our Content a la mode offering and knows the ins and outs of  the ScheduleMy.Social platform!

Moojan Sharifi, Social Media Manager

Moojan is our Social Media Manager. She’ll be assisting you with implementation of your content on the ScheduleMy.Social platform!